Search and care of graves on the cemeteries of Ukraine

14.07.11, 20:48
Search and care of graves on the cemeteries of Ukraine. Unfortunately, great number of families by different reasons does not have possibility to visit themselves graves of their relatives buried in different cities and villages on the territory of Ukraine.
And sense of unfulfilled duty and responsibility before deceased people never leaves in peace. To help you we have founded a social project “OPEKA” (“Care”). We will take your troubles about looking after burial places of your relatives.
The contract is concluded for one year. Since the contract comes into force we will perform on behalf of you the following complex of services during next 12 months:
Control for non-admission of reburial (as neglected grave) including saving existing bounds.
Once in the SPRING . Once in the SUMMER . Once in the AUTUMN. the following actions are taken to clean the territory of burial:
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