Help me find her relatives in Canada

25.05.12, 23:15
I am looking for her relatives of my father, Fyodor Makerova (Mokerov), (there was an error in recording names) 09/10/1924 g.rozhdeniya in Ivashevskaya, Dorovsky District, Kirov region. Residing in Vinnitsa Ukraine.Ya was born from his second marriage of his father, from his first marriage and the father of three children (Valery, Lyudmila, Vyacheslav) - I found them. 31/01/1970, my father died. I also know that my father had a sister named Mary, and brother Nicholas born in 1926. My brother Nicholas had a wife Rose and two sons, Valery, about 1953, and Sasha about g.r born in 1959 In 1950, Nikolai (Nicholas) and his semey lived in the state of Canada, and approximately 1959 have been visiting my father and his family by his first marriage. The sister Mary was the son of Vladimir Mokerov (first name I do not know the latest danym lived in Nefteyugansk. I also know the name of the grandfather of my father - Ivan Mokerov Konovich and that he was a native of Bulgaria, the father of my father Mokerov Fyodor and his mother Anastasia Y.. Unfortunately I do not know anything. Attach a photo of my late father.
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