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Search of investor. Sale. Exchange.
The primise is situated in the picturesque place in the centre of Nizy urban - type locality of Sumy region on the bank of the river Psyol near the Nizy hydroelectronic - power station. It takes 15 minutes to get to the region centre(20 km). There are in 100 metres from the park reservation zone. There are Mother of God Christmas Church and Chaikovskiy Museum, which is situated in the Kondrat'yev estate(civil architecture monument of the end of XVIII - the begining of XIX)
The first building has a square 615m2 and the basement's square is 170m2. It's one - storeyed building with brick walls in it and metalic roof. This primise is suitable for both commersion and housing.
The second building has a square 130m2 and the basement's square is 79 m2. It's brick two - storeyed building. which is built in old - style. It is situated near the lake (2m) and the river Psyol(20m). It may be used as restaurant, summer cottage or housing.
The third building has a square 43 m2. It is situated between the first and the second buildings from the one line on the distance in 70 metres. It's possible to build here the annexe of primises fof any purposes. There are 5 hectares of free land near it.
All buildings were built by sugar manufacturer Suhanov in 1900 -1913.
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