Toronto Prices

Toronto is one of the world’s great cities and should be on everyone’s list if you can make it. Prices in Toronto are generally in line with large American cities like New York City and Los Angeles, but as the Canadian dollar strengthens against the US dollar, as it’s done in 2010, the city can be expensive for most tourists.

Hotels are generally of high standard and most of them are conveniently located near the downtown area so staying there most visitors won’t need any additional transportation costs since so much is within easy walking distance. The public transportation system is extensive so you probably won’t want to drive yourself even if you’ve arrived in a car or car hire Heathrow .

So much of the charm of Toronto involves just checking out the various neighborhoods, so once you’ve been up in CN Tower you can get by without spending a fortune on other attractions. Food and drinks tend to be moderately priced for most visitors, and there are plenty of good budget meals available in the various ethnic neighborhoods and restaurants around the city.

Toronto attraction prices
Location Description Type Price
CN Tower Take the elevator up to the observation deck for amazing views and thrills. For a bit more you can add on the Sky Pod, movie, and Motion Theater ride. adults 22.55
65+ 20.59
4-12 14.71
Hockey Hall of Fame Celebrate Canada's national sport by visiting its official hall of fame. adults 14.71
65+ 11.76
4-13 9.80
Toronto Zoo One of the finest zoos in the world. adults 20.59
65+ 14.71
4-12 12.75
Royal Ontario Museum One of the largest and most diverse museums in North America, with art, science, and natural history in one. adults 21.57
sen/stud 18.63
4-14 14.71

Transportation prices
  Price range
Taxi from airport to city center 39.22
Airport Express bus to city center 19.61
Public bus from airport to city center 2.94
3km taxi ride in Toronto 8.82 - 11.76
Subway/streetcar/bus ride in Toronto 2.94

Typical Toronto food and prices
Food type   Price
Budget breakfast Fast food places and bakeries are some of the cheaper breakfast options. 4.90 - 7.84
Budget lunch Toronto has loads of great cheap ethnic restaurants near the center. 5.88 - 9.80
Budget dinner Assuming you want a sit-down dinner you can still find good budget options in most neighborhoods. 7.84 - 14.71
Beer (pint) Look out for happy hour deals and casual pubs. Nightclubs will charge much more. 3.68 - 4.90
McDonald's Big Mac Big Macs aren't really a great deal in Toronto. 4.22

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